Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pigs can too fly!

This is a little mat I am making for our elder son. He asked me a couple of weeks ago, if I had ever done a rug with a pig, as he wanted one to cheer up a co-worker who is very ill, and collects pigs. So, I thought, for whatever reason, of a flying pig, but changed it to a piggy hot air balloon. In the first sketch, the basket was empty but as I was hooking, that seemed silly. So I added a few animals.

I've just taken this photo and see that there are several things I'd like to change. The teddy needs a bit of outlining, I think, to make it more visible against the sky. I'm not liking the pig's eye. The last [rt hand] section/field of the hill on the left doesn't show up enough - so outlining or changing the colour there, I think. Likewise the ballast bags on the basket don't show up well.I maybe should have outlined the tail in the same tan I used for the pig and then the thin darker blue outline? Too many clouds?

Lastly, border or no border....?

I am hoping to finish this today, so this may be an academic exercise, but if anyone is online and wants to comment, please do!

thanks, maureen
[it is my own original design, hooked mainly with #6 cut, with a bit of hand cut in the 'fields'. All wool on primitive linen; 12" x 25.5"]

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