Friday, August 6, 2010

Stalled attempt at Tangled Garden by JEH MacDonald

I started this probably four years ago - maybe five? But became unhappy with the building on the upper left, which I think I need to take out and insert skinny shadow lines between the clapboards. I hate unhooking, unpicking anything, in fact.

What do you think? It has a variety of widths of wool as well as some yarn and some gorgeous silk from Deanne Fitzpatrick.

Thanks for any comments!

PS Here is the real thing, which I don't aspire to, but love, so thought in my newbie innocence, that it would be good to have a version of in my home.


  1. Maureen,
    Thanks for joining my site which in turn let me find yours!
    You are very clever and I love your matts too.
    Ripping out and picking is not fun but if you leave it will it bug you forever?

  2. Wow that is quite some talent! I'm way impressed the only thing I can do with some needles and yarn is...stare at it...or maybe braid it if I'm lucky.

  3. Don't unpick a thing yet! If you are feeling frustrated, move to a different area of your piece and work for a while. I find draping my hooking over the back of the sofa and standing way back gives me different perspective. The flowers and foilage you have in looks lovely so far. Concentrate on that while you figure out whether you really want to unpick.

  4. Wow, impressive. BTW, I am honored to have you as a follower on my blog. As a token of my gratitude, please pop by for a chance to win a fabulous giveaway!

    Warmly, Michelle

  5. Wow so cool!! Would love to see this when it is finished!!
    Thank you as well for the Birthday wishes :)